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About Us

Some say that Creep Cases are born from the rejected phone cases that are shredded and flushed away with the industrial waste; gaining their powers from absorbing the sludge infested and polluted run-off waters of the generic phone case manufacturers.  Others say they are the creation of a some long lost voodoo ritual. Some say that, but...

Creep Case is actually the creation of Jon Fields: freelance artist/sculptor, and day-dreamer extraordinaire. It started while searching for a zombie themed phone case, and all that could be found were generic cases with stickers slapped on them.  Frustrated with the lack of really unique and detailed designs, Jon decided to start making his own.  Influences are drawn from his years in the custom automotive paint world, and the B horror movies of yester-year. 

Each case is hand cast from a 2 part mold, hand painted and shipped with an accompanying backing card signed by the artist.  Although only currently available in a short-run limited editions, there are plans in the future to expand into greater numbers of highly creative, horror-themed cases.  Stay tuned to see what happens!