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Q- What are Creep Case cases made from? Is it polymer clay?

A- No! We do not use polymer clay! There are a lot of custom horror-themed cases out there, but most of them are hand sculpted from polymer clay and will shatter if dropped. They look great, but do not hold up to wear and tear. Creep Cases are cast from a 2 part mix of Urethane rubber that is high-impact, shatter resistant and is almost impossible to tear without great effort. 

Q- Will a Creep Case actually protect my phone?

A- Absolutely.  The material we use is known for it's impact resistance and durability. People have dropped their cases from 4 to 5 feet up and the case has absorbed the impact.


Q- How durable is the painted finish of a Creep Case?

A- The finish will hold up quite a while to every day wear and tear.  But keep in mind these cases are hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paints and sealers and care should be taken in keeping them out of excessive prolonged exposure to heat, or sharp blows and scrapes.  In other words, take care of them!